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Audience. Message. Execution.

From GTM-defining strategies to humble blog posts, I focus on the same three elements:

  • who we are talking to

  • what we are saying to them

  • how we are delivering the message

Having marketed everything from Google Santa Tracker to bulk gift cards, I bring a blend of strategy and execution, technical and human, ambitious and practical. I'm handy with the pen, abundant with insights, big on energetic collaboration, shockingly responsive. Most people think I'm fun to work with. Let's give it a try.

Three perspectives, one marketer


Deeply understanding the customer, the offering, and the marketplace.

Director-level experience.


You can win on vibes, if your self-presentation is consistent, intentional, and memorable.

 Stewarded the world's top brand.


Say useful things in the right places to improve every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Writing for top tech companies

15+ years of diverse marketing experience

Jesse Friedman's headshot

I'm from Oakland, graduated with a degree in linguistics from the University of Chicago, and lived in San Francisco and Brooklyn before making Portland, Oregon home.

In my fourteen years at Google, the last three as a consultant, I marketed triple-bottom-line products and policies: good for people, company, and planet.  Two of my proudest accomplishments are stopping SOPA from garbling the Internet and launching Google Translate's biggest-ever improvement. I also worked on crisis response, elections, Google Maps for Media, and several security and policy efforts.


I've since built up my startup and B2B chops, most recently as a product and brand marketing director. All three roles were fun, but focusing on the same thing for too long got boring. I bring my best energy and focus with novel challenges. Like yours.

Filling my life with joy, jokes, and lots of dishes are my wife Laura, two kids, two dogs, and a cat. I love to cook (check out United Noshes), sneak in some gardening when the kids occupy themselves, and when I'm feeling really indulgent I'll go down a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

If you got this far, you must be interested. (Or you're a friend who I asked to look over this site.) Take a look at my LinkedIn, and let's get in touch:

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