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Deep expertise in marketing and communications strategy.

Broad curiosity about practically everything.


product marketing

Research-driven strategy and collaborative execution at the intersection of what's on offer and what customers are interested to hear.

targeted channels

Who are we speaking to, what are we saying to them, and how will they hear it — from packaging and in-product promos, to press and events.

purposeful messaging

Writing that remains true to product and brand while speaking to the priorities of carefully defined audiences.

eclectic inspiration

From dry-farming to airline routing, etymology to Census methodology, I know just enough about a lot of things to make novel connections.

Some of what I can do for you


A few examples of work exhibiting some of my strengths.



I'm from Oakland, graduated with a degree in linguistics from the University of Chicago, and lived in San Francisco and Brooklyn for most of my eleven years at Google.

I now live in Portland, Oregon. Outside of work, when we're not tending to our hilarious and strong-willed daughter, my wife Laura and I run United Noshes. It's a series of 194 dinner parties, one per UN member. It's a stimulating culinary challenge, a deep dive into the ingredients and cultures of the world, a fantastic community builder, and a successful fundraiser. I'm also a passionate home gardener, mildly enthusiastic cyclist, and studious travel planner. My two dogs and two cats are adorable, but useless as interns.

For the business side of things, please reference LinkedIn.



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