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Product, brand, and content marketing, as a fractional team member or à la carte services.

Discounts for early-stage startups and nonprofits.

Fractional packages

Full: $17,000/mo

A veteran marketer for backfill or special initiatives

1/1 is a fraction, right? Bring me on for a few months to fill in for a parental leave, get things done while hiring a full-timer, or go HAM on a big initiative for a shorter period.

Half: $9,000/mo

The time and space to get a lot done

Add me to Slack. Get me an email address. Add me to (a few) meetings. Set me to work on big strategic plans, launch execution, intensive content production, or a million little checklist items. (Maybe even invite me to the next offsite. No pressure.)

Quarter: $5,000/mo

Great for defined projects

Finally get that important marketing thing done that's been hanging out on your to-do list too long. Maybe it's "figure out marketing," or a more specific project like competitive analysis or case studies.

Tenth: $2,500/mo

An advisor who actually does stuff

Monthly strategic consultation, periodic smaller projects, quick-turnaround reactions. Great for smaller teams that recognize that a little expertise will make their marketing efforts a lot more impactful.

Tenth for nonprofits: $1,500/mo

Doing great stuff with less money, just like you

Nonprofits need marketing help, too. From fundraising messaging to multilingual content strategy, take advantage of all the training and experience I got in the for-profit world. 

À la carte

gtm discovery/audit: $3,500

A fast and effective process for assessing your marketing needs

Launching a product? Messaging falling flat? Give me a week or two, and I'll give you a thorough analysis from a product marketing veteran's perspective. I'll outline how to improve things, and either suggest that I do it, or point to someone better suited.

blog posts etc.: $600/$1,000/$1,500+

Specialized in translating complex topics to non-technical buyers

I've been in your shoes. I know how hard it is to find a writer whose work is both engaging and accurate. Thankfully, you've found me. I'll work by the word or the hour, but you value output, not input, right? My standard is $600 for standard-length blog posts, $1,000 for heftier, and $1,500+ for big ol' pieces.

jesse in a jiffy: $200/hour

Shockingly fast response to get you unstuck quickly

Anyone who's worked with me knows I hop on requests ASAP. If you don't already have me engaged on a fractional package, just drop a line to I'll get back to you right away, and if at all possible, I will do the requested work quickety-split, as my daughter would say.

base rate: $150/hour

Because time is a commodity

I'm down to trade money for minutes if that's what it takes to get a project going, but the packages are a better deal.

He’s sharp, strategic, communicative, creative, an excellent writer, and dedicates the necessary time (and then some!) to make each project successful. He’s a wonderful team member and asks great questions. I highly recommend working with Jesse.

Sandy Russell

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